Will your ad end up making the necessary impact? Is it tailored for the right audience? Can your communique cut the clutter in the market and establish your brand? We’ve addressed these questions, including many others before, and ended with a successful brand story. Communication pre-testing and post-testing is a key input for evaluating whether an advertising campaign will be effective and achieve its objectives or to measure its in-market impact.

Much less than a third of global ad campaigns are tested and the likelihood of a piece of communication being truly effective is less than one out of three.

This makes it all the more necessary to develop original and compelling creative and to gauge whether consumers find them relevant as well as if it enhances their relationship with the brand.

Markelytics has senior researchers with years of experience in research and communications agencies. We have developed a communications testing and evaluation methodology that will allow clients to assess whether their campaign can create a point of differentiation for their brand and, more importantly, understand how they can increase the effectiveness of their ads prior to launching them.