Vehicle clinics are invariably gaining popularity in the current market with lots of competitors moving aggressively with their products which certainly has to be tested before it rolls out in the market to avoid failure. A typically Vehicle clinic is conducted by evaluating the test vehicle along with key competitive vehicles (usually ranging up to 4) that are assembled in a showroom. The area for the execution is primarily a facility with one-way viewing rooms, good security, and audio and video recording equipment which is on par as to handling a big event.

Markelytics has done a slew of vehicle clinic studies and can help you achieve the purpose of such studies. The most common purpose is evaluating and learning how to improve new models. The second purpose of car clinics is product line planning, or product line optimization, where all the different models of one brand are displayed and evaluated. A third purpose is pricing optimization, where consumers view the cars within a class of vehicles and then participate in choice modeling experiments.