Pre/Post Launch Assessment

  • Identify key drivers & barriers for the brand launch
  • Assess market dynamics & competitive landscape
  • Understand the impact of brand launch in the market

Brand Health Tracking

  • Determine Brand equity
  • Analyze brand perception vis-à-vis competition
  • Identify key brand elements including sales effectiveness that
    drive the equity

C-SAT Measurement

  • Determine Level of Satisfaction, including the determinants
  • Understand competitor analysis of similar determinants
  • Know the areas of short term & long-term improvements

Market Entry & Estimation Studies

  • Deep dive into market dynamics in terms of existing players, competitiveness, shares, etc.
  • Understand Market Attractiveness, Market Readiness,
    Target Audience, Adoption, reach et al
  • Know the overall size of market & shares to expect post-launch

Usage & Attitude Studies

  • Evaluate the reasons for brand performance/non-performance
  • Identify growth enablers & barriers
  • Understand the need gap & current satisfaction level

Concept Testing

  • Assess acceptance of the new product(s)
  • Measure important evaluation parameters
  • Understand brand adoption to use & its positioning

Corporate Reputation / Employee Satisfaction Measurement

  • Determine the satisfaction level of internal stakeholders
  • Assess NPS Scores
  • Understand expectations from management

Market Segmentation & Profiling

  • Identify profiles & segments of customers/ prospects
  • Understand the nature of each segment – attitude, beliefs, behaviors et al
  • Create a targeted marketing strategy

Ad/Visual-Aid Testing

  • Assess the impact of proposed Ad/Communication
  • Message Effectiveness & its Impact
  • Improvise communication strategy

Pricing Studies

  • Determine the optimal price point for the new product(s)
  • Assess price correction for an existing product
  • Conduct revenue analysis after price revision

Patient Journey

  • Assess the journey of patients from symptom eruption to the current stage
  • Identify barriers for the delay in treatment or reaching out to the key specialty for disease management.
  •  Determine the diagnosis & treatment plan, pain points, need gaps at various stages