In the era of start-ups, a slew of ideas are brought up but how many of them would be patronized by the consumers? Will it be able to bring radical or even incremental innovation to the existing products or services? Or is the idea of going to address the latent needs of consumers? How do we validate all these?! Concept testing is the process of evaluating a concept (like a product or a service feature or an ad campaign) and how it will be received by consumers before it goes to market. Whereas Product testing measures the impact of consumption of the tested products.

Concept/Product testing is versatile and can be applied in a variety of ways and at various stages of the product/service development process. Ideally, it is conducted at the pre-launch prototype stage to reveal key facts and insights.

Having worked on multiple concepts and product tests, Markelytics has the expertise to help the clients grow and whether the concept will work or not with our various latest marketing models and analytics. We thrive in giving efficient and quick turnaround results which help the clients in saving their time and maximizing their development ROI.

We have expertise in concept testing spread across sectors like FMCG, Banking services, Retail, etc. which will help the client to take key decisions for the availing/existing product in the mark.